We put power in the hands of small town kirana stores

StoreKing empowers kirana stores by helping them overcome the dependency on wholesale channels. With the StoreKing app, kirana store owners can access new and more number of products without having to stock inventory. They can save time as they don’t need to travel to nearby towns to source new products. With a large catalog to offer, StoreKing helps kiranas become virtual supermarkets and earn more income.


Why are small town stores is still underserved ?

Typically, small town kiranas travel to nearby towns to source products from wholesalers and alternate discount channels. This restricts their access to a larger catalog and newest products that the consumer demands. They are also unable to optimise working capital or drive repeat business. There are multiple factors at play:

  • Logistical limitations
  • Limited store size and catalog
  • No access to products in trend
  • Unused and aging stocks
  • Limited working capital

How does StoreKing solve their challenges?

With its technology-driven platform, StoreKing opens up new opportunities for kirana store owners. It gives them seamless access to products, helps drive consumer loyalty and boosts their income.

Large catalog
Stock hygiene
Best Pricing
Credit available
Door step delivery
Brand Distributors


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Wholesalers Check Check Check Cross Cross
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Storeking addressable market

StoreKing stores are present even in villages with a population of just 800 people. Because, no market and no shop is too small for us.

  • 50,000+ kirana stores across 9 states
  • Cover all of south, west & central India
  • Reach in tier 6 and below villages
  • Exclusive StoreKing stores in tier 2 and tier 3 towns
Market Stats

Storeking model district

Our robust value chain ensures quick fulfillment of orders and simplifies a kirana store’s working. An overview of how our small town operations and ecosystem works.

  • Super Franchise (SF): Single point of procurement for all clusters.
  • Storeking Digital India Hub: Single touch point for all Digital services.
  • Small Town Master Franchise (RMF): An existing distributor and StoreKing’s point of stock delivery. RMFs onboard and manage small town franchises.
  • Small Town Franchise (RF): 20-30 RFs get mapped under each RMF. They receive stock delivery, digital assistance and unplanned purchase assistance from RMF.
Model District

StoreKing success stories

We are not just supply partners for kirana store owners, but work with them to amplify their aspirations and income.

Mr. Prasadh, Kolar
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I am a distributor of StoreKing in KGF,Kolar District. StoreKing is a digitized platform and has a mobile app which enables retailers to place orders easily. Retailers need not go to multiple points to purchase stocks to their stores they can place orders 24x7 and purchase exactly what they need. They can earn better profits with lesser investment. I am covering about 10-15 Kms radius from KGF, earlier retailers used to purchase goods from wholesalers nearby and they had to carry everything back on their own, now with the StoreKing business,they can place orders from wherever they are and get the products delivered to their doorstep. With the new concept of StoreKing called Super Franchise, we are able to deliver the products to retailers in less than 24 hours of orders being placed. This helped me doubling my business in a very short span of time.

Mohammad Ansar
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I'm very happy to partner with storeking. Our storeking app is very easy to use and place an orders.On time we are receiveing our customer requesting products with our DC/ MSF.Storeking is platform where we can buy all kind of products instead of visiting multiple distributors.This Storeking helps increasing my sales activities day by day.

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My name is Suneetha. I own mounika fancy and money transfer, store TADA. We have been running this store for the last three years,and it's doing good profits. Any issues that we or our customers face, Delar will help us to solve all the problems over the phone or sometimes in person. People from the head office do visit the store occasionally. Loans are helping us on time, We are paying back EMI weekly without fail. Before taking the loan our monthly turnover was 5 lakhs. We have developed our business after taking the Loan, now the turnover monthly has increased to 25 lakhs. It is really helping improve our business because of the loan given to us. We are doing good business in products as well, the biscuits division.
Thanks for all the good work and support from Store King.

Where we are today

We have created inroads into small town India over the last few years and are now focusing on reaching out to 600k kirana stores by 2025.

India Map Daily footfall Districts Pincode States Stores Transaction Warehouse
Flexible work
1.5 Million

Daily footfall

Flexible work

Stores (Kiranas)

Flexible work

Transactions / Day

Flexible work


Flexible work


Flexible work


Flexible work



The kirana store is a powerhouse

  • Owns physical real estate
  • Is the primary source of purchase for about 120-150 households.
  • Enjoys an established social and commercial relationship with consumers
  • Has deep knowledge of consumers’ preferences
  • Has a bank account and access to digital payments

Small Town India - Retail Ecosystem design

Approach for building a sustainable Small Town Retail Ecosystem.


Small Town retailers (kiranas) are the only way to build small town retail ecosystem

Small Town consumers would continue to transact with small town kiranas and developing an ecosystem that helps consumers & retailers both is warranted


Why do we work with
kirana stores ?

Today 6+ million kiranas serve 850+ million small town consumers. With StoreKing, small town kirana stores are able to amplify their income while simplifying their day-to-day processes.

Monthly turnover

5k - 6k

Primarily sells

FMCG & General merchandise

Product sourcing

80% from alternate channels


120 – 150 Households

Store daily walk-Ins

30 – 40 on an average

How do kirana stores benefit from StoreKing?

With StoreKing’s advanced digital platform, we empower kiranas to access the best brands and multiple services directly. With us, kirana stores have the advantage of:


No investment

Kirana store owners can display a large catalogue of trending products and services, with zero capital investment.


Smarter business

The top brands choose StoreKing, giving kirana store owners access to products and services unavailable in small town areas.


No inventory stocking

StoreKing takes care of inventory stocking and management, allowing small town retailers to focus on selling new products and services.


Healthy commissions

With StoreKing, kirana stores can earn best-in-industry commission on every transaction.


Repeat orders

Product availability, quick delivery and after sales service drive increase footfalls and consumer loyalty.


Reduced working capital

Frequent deliveries ensure lower working capital.


Doorstep delivery

Convenient delivery within 24-48 hours, minimizing capital blocked in the inventory.


Technology driven

Use StoreKing App for operations with 24/7 customer care service available.


Free training

We offer efficient training and elaborate onboarding support.


Easy financial aid

Get working capital loans, EMI options and personal loans easily.

Our 4 pillars are designed to serve kirana stores

Our platform is built to transform the small town retail business. We enable kiranas to increase the sales of their shops without increasing its size.


1. Technology

Kiranas can identify the right products to source and procure them in the right quantities at the right time. Technology powers every stage of the small town retail journey - from distribution to price management.

  • Data-guided asset light sourcing
  • Zero store downtime
  • Multilingual app content
  • Kirana engagement & incentive tools

2. Payments

With a prepaid payment model that converts a cash-first small town economy into a cashless one, StoreKing has brought in a new wave of transaction in small town commerce.

  • Zero credit
  • 100% prepaid orders
  • Retailer maintained cash float
  • Working capital assistance

3. Logistics

We offer last mile connectivity and efficient supply chain management through our technology and operations. It ensures quick fulfillment of orders, technology driven distribution and end-to-end visibility.

  • No middlemen
  • Demand led ordering & fulfillment
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Visibility of stock movement

4. Marketing

We equip kirana stores with the assets they need to boost their promotions and sales. We enable them to reach out to and engage with consumers better.

  • Retail asset development
  • Market intelligence
  • Market development support
  • Consumer insights
Product Delivery Product Delivery

We digitise kirana stores

Our revolutionary platform makes kirana store owners smarter by enabling them to shop, sell and socialise with just a swipe.

Financial Aid
Solving the core problem

We understand the limitations that kirana stores face when dealing with only wholesalers and distributors. To help them overcome those, we offer the largest catalog, doorstep delivery and ensure stock hygiene.

Financial Aid
Access to insightful data

StoreKing gives kirana stores trend reports, market and consumer insights to help them optimize sourcing, earnings and ultimately, their own business.

Financial Aid
Helping kirana manage consumer

With StoreKing, kirana stores get a unique CRM to manage their consumers better. We also empower them to drive repeat business and loyalty.

Financial Aid
Decoding consumer behavior

The consumption patterns, consumer behaviour and spend propensity data is analyzed and shared to help kirana store owners make smarter decisions.

Financial Aid
Building store's kingdom

Small Town India’s first ever loyalty and rewards program incentivizes kirana stores as well as consumers. This helps drive consumer loyalty.

Financial Aid
Engagement beyond commerce

We value our retailers and our relationship with them is not just transactional. We engage with retailers via gamification and contests to create a sense of belonging.

Financial Aid
Self sustaining small town ecosystem

With the StoreKing marketplace, we are helping small town consumers connect with buyers and sellers online. With it, our trusted retailers get an opportunity to cater to buyers or products and adopters of services across India.

We are a small town ecosystem and innovate every day

To add value to our small town consumers and partners, we have created strategic initiatives and programs. From unique reward systems to building the largest small town marketplace, we are constantly thinking, ‘How to get more insights and drive small town market growth?’.

What’s your price

Our relationship with kirana stores goes beyond transactions. We engage with them via gamification and contests to create a sense of belonging. This initiative helps us with data gathering from kirana store retailers across India.

King Coins

Small Town India’s first ever loyalty program that rewards consumers and kirana store owners to transact on and refer StoreKing. Created to offer exclusive benefits to our users and ensure they are deeply connected with the brand.


India’s largest marketplace to help small town consumers connect with buyers and sellers online. With Bazaar, kirana store owners get a new opportunity to sell their local products and services, not just in their village but across the nation.