For Brands

Connect seamlessly to 850+ million small town consumers

Enjoy direct reach, higher brand awareness, loyalty and consumer data. StoreKing helps brands set a new pace for their business. We connect them directly to underserved small town consumers across 200+ million households.

We do this by enabling our large network of connected small town kirana stores to source an assortment of products directly from brands. Technology powers this at every stage and brands enjoy full visibility of the distribution channel and consumer insights.


Why’ve brands had less access to small town India?

Traditionally, kirana stores who are the primary source of purchase for small town consumers, have not connected directly with brands. Instead, they source from wholesalers and alternate discount channels. While the small town consumer has been ready to experience urban brands, the lack of availability and accessibility has kept the market largely untapped due to various reasons:

  • Small Town distribution is broken
  • Logistical limitations
  • Small Town stores lack access to brands
  • Brands lack understanding consumer behaviour

Brands have faced multiple challenges

In spite of being a huge market opportunity, entering and engaging with the small town consumer has not been easy for brands due to the following factors:

Limited reach

Direct channel doesn’t find small town kiranas economically viable and stops at the district or taluka level.

Weak information flow

Brands have been unable to establish control and connect due to an indirect, broken multi-tiered distribution.

No direct connect

The presence of wholesalers as middlemen has kept brands away from connecting with consumers.

No access to data

Brands lack access to tertiary data from small town consumers or secondary data from small town kirana stores.

No technology connect

There has been no digital platform that connected kirana stores to brands directly.

Driven by volume

Credit by channel is offered to select kirana stores. The channel is not driven by reach but by volumes.

Why kirana is important for brands and consumers?

The kirana is a brand’s gateway to a previously unaddressed market.

Strong connect/relationship with consumers
Data access
No literacy or language barrier
After sales
After sales support with trust guarantee
Local trust point
Access information
Access point for information
Accessibility & logistics reach

StoreKing’s addressable market connects brands to kiranas and consumers

We take brands beyond districts and talukas, serving the remotest villages with a population of even 800 people. Through StoreKing, 6 million+ kirana stores get connected to 850 million+ small town population, giving brands the widest reach.

  • 50,000+ kirana stores across 9 states
  • Cover all of south, west & central India
  • Reach in tier 6 and below villages
  • Exclusive StoreKing stores in tier 2 and tier 3 towns
Market Stats

What does the StoreKing model district look like?

Our robust value chain ensures quick fulfillment of orders and simplifies a kirana store’s workings. An overview of how our small town operations and ecosystem works.

  • Super Franchise (SF): Single point of procurement for all clusters.
  • StoreKing’s Digital India Hub: Single touch point for all Digital services.
  • Small Town Master Franchise (RMF): An existing distributor and StoreKing’s point of stock delivery. RMFs onboard and manage small town franchises.
  • Small Town Franchise (RF): 20-30 RFs get mapped under each RMF. They receive stock delivery, digital assistance and unplanned purchase assistance from RMF.
Model District

We’ve got brands covered

StoreKing takes care of all aspects of small town distribution, marketing and payments so that brands can focus on the art of selling.


App ecosystem powered by inhouse tech


All orders are 100% prepaid


Reach beyond traditional distribution networks


Retail asset creation & small town marketing

Robust platform designed for kiranas to serve brands

Our platform connects every kirana store with the brand directly to enable selling an extensive catalog to small town consumers. It also supports brands to devise data-guided product and sales strategies.

Access to data & trends
  • Consumer preference & consumption
  • Optimal assortment for market clusters
  • Secondary & tertiary data
Kirana acquisition
  • Focus on small town width of distribution
  • Kirana acquisition & onboarding
  • Robust Validation/verification
  • Optimal retailer assortment
  • Tailored products for small town consumers
Efficient supply chain
  • Quick fulfilment
  • Tech driven distribution
  • POS enabled
  • End-to-End visibility

The StoreKing advantage for brands

As the biggest and the only technologically-driven small town retail platform, StoreKing helps brands get a larger share of the small town retail market pie. This ecosystem also helps brands manage their channels more effectively.


Visibility of stock movement & channel inventory

We ensure end-to-end fulfilment, delivering stocks to the kiranas’ door step. Get detailed information at every step and visibility of the town, district, city, retailer and pincode.


Price hygiene & channel parity

You can manage price changes via our digital platform. We ensure transparent pricing visible to all stakeholders and a record of all transactions (that are cashless!)


Demand led ordering & fulfilment

All orders are genuine and generated directly by the retailers. We do not encourage push sales. You get complete access to the market and retailer data.


No intermediaries or wholesale

Goodbye multi-layered distribution networks. Stocks are billed directly to kiranas, with an option to limit order sizes for different retailers.


No unauthorized schemes & support

OTP activation based payout structures on systems powered by technology ensure complete transparency.


No credit. All prepaid orders

Ensuring robust payments with working capital assistance offered by leading NBFCs.


Detailed sales insights

StoreKing’s dashboard gives brands granular visibility of category-wise sales, count of pincodes under each Tier and historic trends.

StoreKing’s contribution for entire ecosystem

We’re transforming the small town retail landscape by simplifying a previously complex ecosystem. Our model is a win-win for everyone involved.

Brands we work with

Brands Brands

StoreKing Brand success stories

Explore why these brands chose StoreKing, overcame the challenges of catering to the small town markets and what they achieved.

We are a small town ecosystem and innovate every day

To add value to our small town consumers and partners, we have created strategic initiatives and programs. From unique reward systems to building the largest small town marketplace, we are constantly thinking, ‘How to get more insights and drive small town market growth?’.

What’s your price

Our relationship with kirana stores goes beyond transactions. We engage with them via gamification and contests to create a sense of belonging. This initiative helps us with data gathering from kirana store retailers across India.

King Coins

Small Town India’s first ever loyalty program that rewards consumers and kirana store owners to transact on and refer StoreKing. Created to offer exclusive benefits to our users and ensure they are deeply connected with the brand.


India’s largest marketplace to help small town consumers connect with buyers and sellers online. With Bazaar, kirana store owners get a new opportunity to sell their local products and services, not just in their village but across the nation.