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We simplify finance for small town India, from banking to bill payments

Our goal is to create a one-stop shop for all financial needs of small town consumers. A space where consumers are enabled to bank digitally and assisted for financial awareness.


Traditional financial channels are unable to tailor their approach

Typically, financial institutions have not been to reach small town consumers with customised offerings due to multiple limitations.

  • Limited reach - availability and accessibility issues
  • No direct connect with small town consumers
  • No access to consumer data
  • No technology connecting services to consumers
  • Lack of documentation

Challenges for financial inclusion in small town markets

Small Town markets operate very differently from urban markets. While the government and RBI have created an ecosystem promoting small town finance, traditional financial brands are yet to capture this market fully. There are multiple challenges:


Ineffective Mediums Used to Educate consumer about Financial Products & Services.


The approach of typical finance brands is branch centric situated in towns and small cities, with different branches for different products.


Financial brands find it difficult to get security and trust small town consumers. There is also resistance to digitization and need for extensive documentation.


Accessibility is usually limited with branch locations beyond 30-40 kms. There is a lack of use of technology.


The cost of operations and servicing small town consumers are not usually in favour of brands. Overall, the finance brand treats it as a low-gain market.

The StoreKing pyramid for small town marketing opportunity


How does StoreKing make financial inclusion easy in small town India ?

StoreKing creates digital financial touchpoints for small town consumers to simplify adoption and transactions. We work with financial institutions to offer a range of financial products to small town consumers - loans, insurance, savings and mutual funds.

Branchless banking points
  • Bank account opening for reputed banks
  • Regular savings options for consumers
  • Fixed deposits & recurring deposits
Financial services
  • Insurances products – motor, home, health & life
  • Consumer loans – home, vehicle, education, gold & personal
  • Wealth management & investment products
  • SIP & mutual funds
  • Business loans
  • Consumer financing
Product catalogs
  • Leading marketplace
  • Smartphone
  • Small & home appliances
  • Large appliances
  • Precious metals

How do financial service providers benefit with StoreKing?

The StoreKing platform offers financial institutions deep and wide reach into the small town pockets. It also helps companies access consumer data and trends to tailor effective financial products.

Consumer acquisition

Introduction to digital banking and
transactions plus referral acquisition

SK enables active banking

- Cash in/cash out facility
- Opening a bank account

Merchant acquisition

Who becomes an advocate for
financial inclusion and the
touchpoint for customer service.

StoreKing enables adoption & cross-selling

- Ecosystem for transaction
- awareness & acquisition
- Channel management

Partner-StoreKing integration

We onboard partners with shared
vision for small town financial solutions.

Introducing StoreKing Digital India Hub

Storeking One empowers small town consumers to confidently transact, save, borrow and take well-informed decisions for their finances.

Digital India Hub
  • The trusted financial advisor
  • Single stop shop for all financial services needs
  • Trained & certified professionals (25-35 year old, educated entrepreneurs)
  • Best-in-class banking experience for consumers
  • High involvement regularly visited touch point

StoreKing success stories

Explore to see how these institutions joined hands with us to take small town India financially forward.

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