"Increase the sales of your shop without increasing the size"
Storeking is a revolutionary platform enabling small town Retailers to sell over 50,000 products to walk-in customers without having to invest in working capital stock.
Storeking leverages the use of modern low cost and low complexiety technology, kiosks equipped with low cost TV monitors and Android Tablets, to provide a simple self service shopping experience to small-town shoppers.
Our Team
  • Sridhar

    Sri has been an Technology driven Entrepreneur for last 8 years, very ambitious and disruptive thinker whose philosophy in life. "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

    Sridhar Gundaiah - CEO
  • Sudhahshu Verma

    Over 27 years of Experience in FMCG, Software Services and Education, Sudhanshu carries wealth of experience in scaling ideas to execution.

    Sudhanshu Varma , COO
  • Govardhan

    is a very Analytical person with 10 years of rich experience in Project Management, Business Analytics, Finance and possesses excellent Skills in Database Architecture complimented with 7 years of Entrepreneurial roles.

    Govardhan Krishnappa - VP Operations
  • Ramesh N G

    With over 28 years of experience in Middle and Senior management. Worked with Industry leaders in Market Research, Building Material FMCG and Life Insurance Industries. Ramesh has high Positive attitude and his enthusiasm and smile are highly infectious.

    Ramesh NG - VP - Sales