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Expensive Smartphones in areas with low net connectivity? One of the fast selling products, which includes iPhones as well. They want the phone with a good image and video recording option,?

You are meant to leave an impact on the world- Look good and feel Good . Now this is called making of Rural India?

Consumers wanted to buy Anti-ageing cream and look like Madhuri Dixit and Kajol in the advertisement, the orders for this product was enormous.

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A girl from nearby village in Ramnagar, bought Titan Raga watch from a Bangle store using Storeking kiosk and came back to the shop again after a week with her friends and the shop owner got 20 orders for the same watch.

Life meets digital. we live in an age when pizza gets to your home before the police

A man who bought a pair of yellow Nike shoes using StoreKing Kiosk in a Stationary shop in November 2014 went to college wearing them, the next day the shop owner got 114 orders.

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Nisha Textiles

Nisha Textiles, a 1,200-sqft two-storeyed apparel store in Cherupuzha, a small town in Kannur district of north Kerala, a queue of customers waits for a turn to shop on a device in a kiosk. The kiosk has a catalogue of products, such as gadgets and apparel, which are not available in the town but the tech-savvy shopkeeper will order for them online.